Helen Mars and Gertrude Ederle Go To Sea

Hello. This is a Pecha Kucha format show commissioned by Fuel Theatre for WOW Festival, South Bank Centre, 2012.
It's about heroes, swimming, lard and families. I made it because I'd been thinking about women and (lack of) recognition. What do you have to do to get a ticker-tape parade these days?
It been on across London, at the South Bank Centre, RCA, for the Three Faiths Forum and also at the Pulse Festival Ipswich, Supper Club at The Basement, Brighton. 
It lasts for 6 minutes 40 seconds.
 You can watch it below.


The What Have You Got To Hide Tombola

We love a tombola. Especially when you get to confess your unpunished misdemeanours and the prizes are other people's. 
Below is the after-tombola gallery, folk are pictured with the transgressions they won.
 Indecency, drugs, dead pets, theft, violence and multiple wee incidents.
[A fete stall for Home Live Art at Latitude 2014.]



An invitation to swap your experiences of rage with a stranger, and ultimately, smash shit up with a weapon of their choice.

Made in collaboration with the psychology department of Royal Holloway University, this participatory side-show offers a vent for the all the things that have pissed you off, inviting you to destroy some fantastic pottery art and get it out of your system.

Performed at the Home Live Art Alternative Village Fete, Shuffle Festival, Dialogue Festival, London and Tramfrau, Brighton.

Read a blog about the making of the piece HERE

Originally commissioned by Home Live Art