This is half my face. Photo by Naomi Woddis.

This is half my face. Photo by Naomi Woddis.

I am a performance maker and writer with a background in theatre, live art and comedy. I explore the idiosyncratic cultural and political constructs that inform the way we are together, as people, just trying to figure it all out. My work wrestles with female, Jewish and Queer identities and their intersections.

My work is text and action based. The text is sharp, witty and observational, often referencing and sending up modes of popular culture. It is poetic but comprehensible, leaving enough space for an audience to insert their own personal experiences. It interweaves personal reflection with universal questions, those of politics and place. I am increasingly interested in exploring radical forms, the power of immediacy and moments of assembly.

The body in my practice is a site of personal histories, inherited behaviours and cultural expectations – both true and invented.  Influences include -  Curious, Morecambe and Wise, Cassils, Hannah Gadsby, Lisa Kron, Bobby Baker and Gob Squad.

I make performance work as a solo artist and collaborate with a range of artists including Greg Wohead [Story #1] and nat tarrab as mars.tarrab - the 2017 Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award Winners. Recent commissions have included Leeds Playhouse, The Junction, Cambridge; Royal Court Tottenham; Fuel Theatre and Ovalhouse. I've been on residencies recently including The Orchard Project and Asylum (NY),  Playwrights Centre (Minneapolis) and Playwrights' Workshop (Montreal) and Cove Park (UK)  I am a fellow at the Birkbeck Centre of Contemporary Theatre, have taught workshops on University courses in the UK and artist development programmes in the UK, Canada and the US. I'm a regular contributor to 'Pause for Thought' on BBC Radio 2. 

Recent Awards:
Total Theatre Award for Our Carnal Hearts
Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award for ROLLER

To get in touch: Rachel\at\rachelmars\dot\org