Unto Is A Child Is Born

A performance piece about thinking that you are a boy, realising that you aren’t and working out what you are going to do about it. The show also examines all the muscles in the face and how we use them to say a lot of words that never allow us to say what we need to. It asks questions like: why does it take 4 minutes to say goodbye on the phone to your mother, how many pull ups can you do and is it odd to be dropped off at Hebrew School in your Dad’s Volvo as it blares out Handel’s Messiah.

Unto Us a Child is Born is a solo performance that looks at the contradictions of tomboy identities, how, when and if you can escape the grip of your family, and why it might be important to be able to lift your own weight. It contains a lot of flour, the best moves from Dirty Dancing and a terrifying feat of strength/stupidity.

First shown as part of the EEC platform at QMU, it was included in the 2011 SPILL FESTIVAL National Platform and has also been shown at The Basement, Brighton, and Dixon Place New York.  Photos, Video and Tech Requirements are below.

A cleverly constructed, beautifully performed, witty and moving piece
Lois Kiedan, Director
Live Art Development Agency


The performance skillfully and knowingly defies obvious definitions and divides between theater and performance art, female and male, speech and action, and as such allows us to imagine, contemplate, rejoice and immerse in an open ended playing field crafted with great mastery of visual, textual and performative impact. 
Oreet Ashery, LIVE ARTIST

Photos - Pari Naderi For Spill Festival,  Christa Holka for EEC

El Arte de Cabeceo

A one-on-one silent tango experience: you, me, argentinian tango and a long corridor. Performed as part of  Brian Lobel's 'Cruising for Art' at the V & A museum in November 2009 and the BFI LGFF 2012. Last Tango in Paris butter-frock designed and made by the rather brilliant Gina Geoghegan.

(photos: Christa Holka)