Story #1 is a reckless, reflective, live thinking-through of how and why we construct narrative.

"Imagine a bullfight without the bull: it would be a set of aesthetic manoeuvres, pretty twirls and pirouettes and so on – but there’d be no danger. The bull, crucially, brings danger to the party... that’s what the real is: the tip of the bull’s horn.” Tom McCarthy

Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead take Pixar’s 22 Rules for Storytelling and How Stories Make Us Human, make them f*** each other, kidnap the resulting baby and dance out a prophecy of its future life before its barely opened eyes.


We promise no less than 120 minutes.

We promise real fictional characters.

We promise a plot.

We promise a surprise twist.

We promise a rupture.

We promise an ending.

We promise a rupture.


“Story #1 is like a live grenade thrown at television: a thrilling exploration of truth, fiction and the strange space between. Funny, tender, shocking and sly, it’s an adventure in being an audience that asks the only real question: what happens next?”

Jonathan Wakeham, Screenwriter


As our first collaboration, this project was an invitation Greg and I made to ourselves to create something very unlike what we'd tackled previously in our solo work. Despite having made a lot of contemporary performance that dispenses with narrative, we realised neither had much basic experience of committing to constructing a story from start to finish, and so that provocation was ticklish. This is the result.

Previous Performances:
OVALHOUSE, London | Chapter Arts Centre| Fusebox Festival Austin | The Yard Theatre | Malavoadora, Porto|  The House, Plymouth | Colchester Arts Centre|

Made with a seed commission from Ovalhouse

This performance contains explicit sexual content and images and is therefore recommended for ages 18+ 

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Story #1 Information Pack