Sing It! Spirit of Envy!

Listen to Sing It! Spirit of Envy! at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival on BBC RADIO 4 EXTRA

“Some measure of inequality is essential for the spirit of envy and keeping up with the Joneses that is, like greed, a valuable spur to economic activity”
Boris Johnson Nov 2013
“Singing bonds people together. It is important for communities”
Gareth Malone, Dec 2013
“We are all in this together”
David Cameron, numerous occasions, 2010 -2013 (and ongoing)

Sing It! Spirit of Envy!  is a song piece about greed and envy, solo pursuits and communal contentment.  Made anew with a pop-up choir of local singers wherever it travels,  it puts two joyfully waggling fingers up to glib, economic politco-bull-speak.  
Original Composition by Verity Standen, with further arrangements by Eilidh MacAskill and Louise Mothersole and singers from around the UK.

It premiered at BUZZCUT 2014 and has featured at Forest Fringe, The Lyric Hammersmith, Machynlleth Comedy Festival, Royal Court Tottenham, LLAWN Festival, CPT and the Fusebox Festival, Austin.