Call Out for Female Soprano Performer


Our Carnal Hearts is a gleeful, thrilling and murky celebration of envy, competitive spirits and all the times we fuck each other over.  It features an original choral acapella four-part harmony score by Louise Mothersole (Sh!t Theatre). As the show continues to tour we are looking for an extra person to join us. 

We are recruiting a singer/performer to learn the two Soprano parts, perform at the shows at the Albany, London and understudy/hold the dates for other performances as below.
You'll have very strong sight-reading, experience at singing in groups without accompaniment and gung-ho-ness. 
You can be any age, in any body. Most of the show is performed sitting, but there is some physical movement. This can be adapted to the physical needs of the singer.

You can see more about the show (and listen to some of the music) at